Tape to MP3 Conversion

Tape to MP3 Conversion

Do you have rare music on cassettes that you treasure and want to preserve by converting them to a digital MP3 format? 

We have your solution!  Not only can we convert your music to MP3, but more importantly we can clean up the sound by removing the hiss and background noise that is inherent in cassettes. Your music will come out sounding far superior then the old sound reduction technology solutions of the past ever could.

We start by capturing the entire cassette as a digital file. Then using a proprietary technology we remove the hisses, and hums that were originally created by the cassette player itself and remove any other background noise to leave you with the cleanest tone possible. We then make sure the individual songs have been parsed correctly and convert it to MP3 format.

cassette-tapeAs with all of our file conversions our cassette conversions are put through our 3-Step RIP-N-TAGTM  file tagging process to ensure compatibility with all MP3 playback programs and devices.

To get started with your cassette conversions please fill out our contact form and our technical specialists will contact you within 24 hours or you can call us at (714) 849-6344.